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As a nonprofit, ministry, or small business you can lose focus on your mission and be caught up in the daunting task of commerce.  At Brandfox, we believe in partnering with you as your complete commerce solution so you can focus on your mission and we can focus on your backend.  Our in-depth knowledge of nonprofit and secular best-in-class practices helps bring your brand to the next level in service through a methodology that combines eCommerce, fulfillment, and customer service in a single low-cost solution. Most importantly, we believe in partnering with our clients so that through long, meaningful relationships we can together create significance in our world.

What could you accomplish with your talents and gifts focused on the mission?

Scalable Commerce Solutions

No more multiple charges across multiple partners.

A single low cost monthly charge.



Do you have a great site and just need a store? We can provide you with an eCommerce platform that connects to your current site with the same styling while providing our functionality-focused design.


Customer Service

Customer service is the white glove experience of your brand. We believe this is the area where you can build lasting relationships with your customers.  Why not let us provide your customers with not just good, but outstanding service for your brand.



Fulfillment is an extension of the brand experience. From timeliness to how the product is packed, Brandfox ensures the consumer’s white glove experience extends past the shopping cart to their front door.

Site Design

From an entire site design to just a shopping cart, we make design and functionality our priority. We believe through these two areas of concentration consumers determine their perception of your brand.  Let's turn them into loyal brand followers.




We Share your Mission


Born in nonprofit. Made for nonprofit.

Conquest and Challenge Youth Ministry specifically chose Brandfox because of their strong nonprofit identity and mission. We have a very unique business, where we offer our youth ministry programs to a wide variety of Catholic audiences with lots of options. We had previously contracted with two other companies in the past six years who could simply not meet our unique demands and standards. Brandfox came up with a strategy, and gave us the ability to truly engage the customer online with our core offerings by building a comprehensive website, as well as offering lots of flexibility in our complex youth ministry kits with their custom online store and fulfillment.
— Todd Brechbill, Mission Network